Welcome to Five Minutes Newsletter

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Hey, it's Andre.


I write this to officially deliver you the message: I started a law firm.


I've always knew I'd do my own thing, and recently decided: why wait?  After years as a public defender, it was go time.  I'm launching a law practice in my own style, with a deeper intention to help people who need help, defend people who need defending, and explore issues of criminal law, business, and technology.  My thought is that I can be a real-life, real-person's guide to the legal system.


I made this newsletter as a forum for my firm, Dayani Law, and a resource for you.  Every month, I'll share information I am gathering on the daily as I write my business plan and practice model: on the law, on developing a legal practice, on launching a business, and on my perspective on it all.


In the upcoming newsletters, I will explore something I've been thinking a lot about lately: professional working efficiency and effectiveness. How can you make yourself the most efficient in your craft?  How do you become the most effective in accomplishing what you set out to do?


I have been interviewing the most successful people I know, lawyers and nonlawyers alike, and taking notes on their habits and their flows.  In the next 3 newsletters, I'll share the top interviews and tips I've learned.


These are the Five Minutes I've saved for you.


So tell me:  What is your flow? What saves you time? What gives you freedom, drive, or release? How do you stay on your game and at optimum performance? I would love to know your thoughts.


Thank you for reading, and until next time.