How Self-Responsibility Can Set Us Free

“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”
– Albert Einstein

So much of my practice at Dayani Law Firm is helping people overcome issues in their lives. Often, my clients are dealing with problems that many people face: problems with relationships, substances, and sadness. And when our clients are reaching out to us, usually the legal system is also entangled. I wanted to take some time to explore some of the ways we can overcome our issues and become truer to ourselves.

We as people are all on the same journey. I say that because what we experience is not that different from one another. We feel the same lows and the same highs; we ask the same questions and we often find the same answers. We are in this shared experience together.

We are on different steps of the journey, for sure. When some of us started, the world was at blame for everything wrong that happened to us. It was someone else that caused us this pain or put us in this situation. But later, we see things differently: we see our responsibility in our lives. We see how our participation led us to where we are now.

The more we take responsibility for our lives, the freer we really are. Nothing can affect our lives unless we allow it.

This process of recognizing self-responsibility profoundly affects how we perceive our world. When we see our part in every interaction, we realize that the things that used to hurt us were not real.  

If you have lost track of your truth and found yourself caught up in a difficult or scary situation with the legal system, you can overcome it. You can find your way again. I know it because I’ve seen it. If you need help doing so, call me. I am here to help you.

What are your thoughts about self-responsibility? Feel free to share your experience. It might not be so different than someone else’s.