Attorney Andre Dayani was recently published by the Washington Leadership Institute’s (WLI), “What We Wished We Had Known – Perspectives of Underrepresented Attorneys,” a free downloadable publication.

The publication highlights the experiences of many marginalized and non-traditional attorneys navigating the legal system and sharing their insights about the process. Readers will learn about the inner workings, lessons learned, and possible paths to legal careers and specialties.

In the article, Andre discusses what it was like to start a law firm focusing on criminal defense and personal injury cases. He also breaks down what it takes for future attorneys to start their legal practice and shares insider knowledge on how best to break through the legal market.

Are you interested in starting a law firm? Are you looking for more information about what it takes to create a successful legal business? Check out the article and let us know what else you would like to know about hanging your shingle.

Download “What We Wished We Had Known – Perspectives of Underrepresented Attorneys.”

Andre Dayani is the lead criminal defense attorney at Dayani Law Firm. He works with his wife and law partner Lauren. Contact him by email at [email protected]