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Lauren Dayani and Andre Dayani are both ranked 10/10 on AVVO.com, and each have been selected as SuperLawyers Rising Stars in their respective fields for 2018, 2019 and 2020. Dayani Law Firm is rated 5/5 stars on Yelp and Google.  Our attorneys and staff speak fluent Spanish.


Lauren Dayani


My style as a lawyer is directed and focused.

I spent my initial years after law school as a trial attorney at the Attorney General’s office, where I handled cases of child abuse and neglect.  This work was challenging and rewarding, and in 2014, I was ready for a change and ready to move back to Seattle.  I transitioned to private practice to learn personal injury law, and I immediately took to the practice.  I love guiding my clients through the convoluted world of insurance; love advocating for people who deserve a fair shake at resolving their injury claims, and love protecting my clients throughout a process that can be unfriendly and confusing.


Recently, I joined my husband Andre at Dayani Law Firm.  It is a joy to work with him in our joint mission of providing accessible and honest representation to those who need it.


My style as a lawyer is directed and focused.  I work with singular purpose to resolve my clients’ injury claims, so they can concentrate on getting better and getting their life back.  I work quickly and efficiently, my goal always being the best possible result for every client.  I am communicative, responsive, and in a culture where many attorneys and insurance companies let cases sit, I never procrastinate and I get things done.


I love yoga and a good gin martini.  My favorite thing is spending time with Andre in work and rest.  We are always exploring around West Seattle where we live.

DUI Defense Attorney Andre Dayani

Andre Dayani


I believe that, at the core, we are all the same.

When I launched Dayani Law Firm in 2016, I knew exactly what I’d do as the founder:  I’d speak directly to my clients, the same as how I’d talk with my friends: clearly and concisely, without the lawyer-speak we learned in law school.  I’d work efficiently and save my clients a buck or two.  I’d relate to my clients at the human level, be real with them, and defend them fiercely.


Before representing private clients, I was a public defender in King County where I represented thousands of people.  I won numerous jury trials and testimonial motions.  I am not afraid of a courtroom and people trust me when I speak because I speak from my heart.


I left public defense to launch Dayani Law Firm, knowing I could better serve and protect my clients if I were in charge.  Every day I am moved by this mission, to do right by my clients and protect them at all costs, no matter whether the opposition is the city government or a deep-pocketed insurance company.


I guide people through all forms of legal and personal crises.  I operate differently than other attorneys through a philosophy that, at the core, we are all the same.  I believe that with softness of heart, a person can deepen and thrive.


When I am not working, I am exploring the world with my beautiful wife and law partner, Lauren.  I also practice film photography and compete in boxing. I like chatting about the universe, life passions, and love.



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